This mask is specifically designed for professional goaltenders

Sportmask believes to maximize performance you need to feel comfortable. The VX-5 is all about “feel”. Feel equates to comfort, and comfort equates to performance!

For the first time ever Sportmask offers multiple options on a single model. Something we believe will change the way you wear your mask. You now have the option of long face opening or short face opening, and the choice of chin length as well, standard, long or short. 

Pro VX-5 Series spec sheet

  • 2 choices of face opening (Long and Short)
  • Oversized Heavy Single Center Bar (Stainless Steel) on Long pro cage
  • Oversized Flat Center Bar (Stainless Steel) on Short Cage
  • Larger face opening, Longer cage (vertically)
  • Shorter face opening, Short cage (vertically)
  • Chin length available in Standard, Long or Short
  • Close fitting cage for better sightlines
  • Composite shell construction
  • Reinforced chin area
  • Pro Fit Backplate
  • 4 Point Elastic Harness
  • 2 piece pro chin cup

Sizing – For Medium to Large heads (one size)

See our Mask Sizing section here. 

Available cages – Flatbar Cateye Cage (short), Single bar Cateye (long)

Stock colours – Black / White