We’ve designed a mask for the retail market with the protection, quality and fit of our NHL masks.

The T3 is fit with standard sizing maintaining the same high quality as our Pro Custom mask. Offering precision fit and superior impact resistance the T3 incorporates the latest in composite technology.

Sparing no expense, it’s construction consists of the best woven composite material utilizing multiple layers of high quality fibreglass, carbon fibre & kevlar bonded by a specially formulated resin.

One of the first things you notice when you look at the T3 is the aggressive features such as the re-designed forehead ridges and chin. These features add tremendous strength to the shell, and it is this strength that allows the T3 to better deflect puck impact.

Each mask is made with our special multi-component modular mould system (MCMM). This process ensures that every shell has evenly distributed resin throughout to guarantee superior strength, durability and of course Sportmask’s renown light weight.

T3 Information

Sizing – X-Small / Small / Medium / Large / X-Large

See our Mask Sizing section here. 
See our Mask Sizing section here.

Available cages – Certified / Flatbar Cateye / Pro TT ( see mask parts page)
* * * Cateye and TT cages
are not CSA or HECC certified * * *

Stock colours – White (see dealer for custom colours and pricing)
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